Craftsman Style Homes

Craftsman Homes Create an Elegant Balance Between Classic and Modern Design

A craftsman style house is known for clean lines, low-pitched roofs, a front porch beneath an extension of the main roof and tapered, square columns supporting the roof.

The styles also feature well-designed interiors that often include open floor plans, built-in bookcases, custom woodwork, cabinetry and nooks in the kitchen.

Grant Marani, a partner at a New York architect firm, explained in a House Beautiful article that craftsman style homes “showcase hand-worked local materials with decorative elements such as brackets, lintels, and rafters – and display an artisanal approach to surface decoration.”

Craftsman houses are frequently categorized as craftsman bungalow or craftsman chalet styles, but elements of the style can appear in a range of home shapes and sizes. It is possible to see many of these motifs repeated in many of the plans in Chinburg’s portfolio, as well as in the homes in our residential developments.

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The Historic Craftsman House

The style originated with the British Arts and Crafts Movement as a response to the Industrial Revolution. The craftsman house first appeared in the United States in California in the early 20th century, and its popularity spread east. Since the style originated within the U.S. in California, the more pure forms of a typical craftsman home include elements such as exposed rafter tails and raw wood columns.

The Northeast climate, however, is unforgiving when it comes to exposed wood. The design has evolved to include simple linear detailing as opposed to Victorian embellishments that could be imported or constructed with specialty equipment.

In the United States, the excitement around the craftsman home was also a reaction to the excess of Victorian architecture and its association with the wealthy. The style was seen as universal and more accessible to the middle class.

The Popularity of a Craftsman Style House

Craftsman style homes continue to be popular and recognizable thanks to their classic exterior and interior elements.

The simple, open layout of a craftsman home is also a draw for consumers.

“These floor plans offer the flexibility to connect while giving family members the space to enjoy their daily routines,” according to The Mortgage Reports.

Kitchens frequently include an eat-in area, and living rooms often feature fireplaces. Front porches allow families and friends to connect easily in a casual atmosphere.

Wendy Welton, an architect and owner of ArtForm Home Plans, explained that this style continues to be popular because of its background.

“Because the detailing is simple and has historic roots, craftsman style homes bridge the comfort of history and modernity,” she explained.

Welton also explained that homebuyers often gravitate toward the style because of its comforting shape. Conversely, when there are feelings of optimism and possibility, consumers often reach for larger, taller houses.

Chinburg Craftsman Style House Stairs
Chinburg Craftsman Style Home Living Room

Advantages of a Craftsman Style Home

There are many reasons why you should consider a craftsman style home. This popular style is more budget-friendly than earlier historic styles that often rely on extensive decoration and embellishments.

The open floor plans encourage interaction among family members and provide better traffic flow. They also allow more options for arranging furniture.

Other popular hallmark characteristics include built-in bookcases and other built-in features, which improve the usability of the space.

Another advantage is that Craftsman homes often use fewer resources to build and less energy to maintain. Using natural building materials on the interior and exterior is also a sustainable option.

Chinburg Craftsman Style House Kitchen

Craftsman style home builders understand that how a home is used matters more than its size.

Craftsman style homes are notable for their use of space and how they adapt rooms to fit the lifestyles of the inhabitants. Above all, craftsman home designs are thoughtful and practical.

Chinburg also appreciates the attention to detail behind the craftsman movement. We believe that our design center brings the same care and attention to the finer details of your home a custom craftsman home of yesterday. We will help you select everything from cabinets to light fixtures, ensuring that each and every detail of your new home is chosen just for you.

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