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The Element Group: Innovative Offices at Brewery Lane

The Goal

The Element Group — a design-build firm that specializes in modernizing bank and credit union branches — approached us with a desire to expand their existing office space into the second floor of their headquarters at 155 Brewery Lane in Portsmouth.

The building itself was part of the extensive original Frank Jones Brewing Company operations, which put Portsmouth on the map as the largest distributor of beer in the country for a period of time in the late 1800s. Element wanted to create a bright, welcoming, cohesive experience that showcased both their vibrant brand identity and the original bones of the Chinburg-owned, 19th-century property.

Element regularly hosts banking clients at their headquarters, so opportunities for collaboration and community-building were a must. They envisioned a floor plan with offices for their executives, an open-concept common area, a kitchenette and a conference room that would showcase their digital signage products.

Chinburg Properties invested significantly in modernizing and furnishing the lobby and common areas to align with the Element Group’s renovations. Improvements included new lighting, stairs, electronic and static signage, a wooden feature wall, multiple bathrooms, paint and furnishings. Element’s own cherry on top was a show-stopping reclaimed live edge conference table, the centerpiece of their main conference room.

“The Element Group has clientele who frequently visit their offices in Portsmouth from all over the United States. We wanted to help create a lobby space that really gave that ‘wow factor’ when you enter the building — one that also matched the branding vision that Element has done such a great job of creating.”


Katie Logue

Chinburg Commercial Leasing & Marketing Manager


Our Approach

When Chinburg Properties purchased 155 Brewery Lane in 2017, the building was suffering from years of neglect. In addition to a cosmetic transformation, we needed to execute a number of facilities upgrades to bring the building up to current code and to lend the interior spaces a more modern aesthetic.

Once we entered the design phase of the Element office upgrade, the Element Group (an existing building tenant) was deeply involved in the conceptualization and materials selection process. Fortunately, their aesthetic is on-brand with Chinburg’s, and we were thrilled to work with such an experienced, creative client. The level of communication and trust between our two teams meant that we could rely on them to think outside the box while accepting our recommendations for a space that would meet everyone’s needs.

The result is an office filled with light, color and organic textures that inspires all who enter. Working with the Element team, we were able to infuse the space with their signature style while maintaining cohesion with our other Brewery Lane properties.

Project Highlights

Design Upgrades

  • The glass-walled conference room features large windows, a reclaimed, live edge wooden conference table and two video monitors for meetings and presentations.
  • A fully renovated kitchenette sports new appliances and a lunch nook.
  • Exposed wood visible in columns and beams lends texture and pays homage to the original building.
  • The renovated main lobby makes a bold first impression and incorporates design elements from the second-floor offices.
  • A wood accent wall showcases the digital lobby directory and community board.
  • Modern pendant light fixtures and sconces accentuate the design elements and create an inviting experience.
  • Kinetix carpet tiles — a durable, textile composite flooring solution — withstand high foot traffic and mitigate sound transfer in the lobby.
  • Four full bathroom renovations feature new partitions, surface mount lighting fixtures and upgraded flooring.

Facilities Upgrades

  • The existing concrete floor was repaired and leveled.
  • New fire-rated doors separate distinct sections of the office.
  • The stairways were updated for safety, including iron replacements for the old wooden railings and reinforced balcony decks.
  • A keyless entry pad replaces the traditional lock-and-key system.
  • Repairs were made to the sprinkler system, emergency lighting, elevator and HVAC units.
  • The aging roof was repaired, making the space more energy efficient and comfortable.
  • Exterior signage was updated to provide wayfinding and suit Element’s brand.
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