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What is a Bungalow House?

The term bungalow typically refers to a house that is one-and-a-half levels with a gabled or hipped roof with deeply overhanging eaves. In a bungalow house design, both the roof and upper-level living space extend out over the porch. The style also typically includes more interesting dormers than its cousin, the cape. Other features may include exposed rafters, decorative brackets under the eaves, and a welcoming front porch beneath an extension of the main roof.

The bungalow style is more of a shape, and the typical home is not very large. Many of the Artform bungalows that Chinburg builds feature three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths and are comfortably spacious for modern living.

Historically, bungalow homes offered one of the earlier instances of an open floor plan, though this concept is used on other house designs and styles, including the cape. The bungalow’s floor plan is also typically asymmetrical, meaning that the doors and stairs are located on the sides of the house instead of in the center.

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The Bungalow:
First Conceived During the Arts and Crafts Movement

The bungalow originated with the British Arts and Crafts Movement as a reaction to the Industrial Revolution. Some original bungalows were built in true Arts and Crafts style — with all of the details of the homemade — but bungalows shortly became an affordable option for families when companies like Sears began selling bungalow-style homes as pre-fabricated kits. People wanted to see the exposed wood and beams within in their homes, but as New England adopted the style, those features were typically enclosed due to the harsh winters.

The style has evolved over the years, but the shape and defining characteristics remain largely intact. Architect Wendy Welton of Artform Home Plans theorizes that after the 2008 recession, people wanted to build less ostentatious homes in more comforting shapes, such as the bungalow, cape, and cottage, which are all closely related.

Welton has reinterpreted the bungalow into an extensive catalog of plans that homebuilders can customize with their own touches. One of her signature styles is the modern bungalow house, offering a range of homes that re-imagine the bungalow-style for modern living and the New England climate.


The Popularity and Appeal of a Bungalow Home

The definition of a bungalow house has changed to include styles that reflect craftsman, mid-century modern, Tudor revival, and modern farmhouse. In these cases, the shape and basic characteristics of the bungalow remains the same, but the house is styled to reflect other eras, designs, or architecture. For example, the Tudor revival retains the same shape as the bungalow but would likely have the distinguishable trim detail that defines the Tudor style.

As a result, the bungalow house design has a vast range of flexibility that can meet each homebuyer’s tastes and needs.

The bungalow home is also typically an affordable option: It can be cost-effective, since there is often less framing and no walk-up attic to build.

When it comes to sustainability, as with all of its properties, Chinburg is committed to innovative, sustainable, and energy-efficient building practices. It’s important for homebuyers to simply be smart about the design, layout, and expandability of the house. Sustainable design and construction both meets immediate needs and anticipates future needs.

In addition to using green and environmentally-friendly building materials for your bungalow home, sustainability also means a well-planned and constructed house that doesn’t have to be torn down and rebuilt in a few decades.

Lastly, the bungalow house is a tried-and-true style and shape that has historically maintained its appeal and resale value.

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If you would like to build your own modern bungalow home,
Chinburg has an extensive portfolio of plans you can choose from.

If you are not finding just what you’re looking for, Artform Home Plans is based in nearby Portsmouth, NH, and architect Wendy Welton and her team can work with you to design a bungalow house design that is right for you. If you are interested in bungalow homes for sale, check out our residential developments and browse the available properties.

If you’re looking to buy or build your own modern bungalow, contact us today. We’ll help you find that “just right” home that fits you and your life perfectly.

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