Residential Properties for Rent

New Hampshire, Massachusetts & Maine

Our rental property management office cares for over 1,000 modern, stylish apartments in NH, Massachusetts and Maine. Chinburg Management Company is the in-house property management company of Chinburg. The property managers have extensive experience and credentials, including licensed broker and certified real estate professionals on staff. The in house maintenance staff handles the day-to-day conditions of the properties, and all issues are responded to within 24 hours. The leasing staff responds to inquiries for rental properties in a timely and courteous manner and works diligently to help find the right circumstances among available apartments and commercial space. The residents join us in taking pride in our unique properties with a very high standard of cleanliness, modern finishes, and first-class amenities. Find the perfect fit for your lifestyle needs.

The current housing market is very dynamic, with high demand. This list is updated regularly, but there is no guarantee that the listed apartment will still be available by the time you inquire. We encourage you to reach out quickly if you are interested in a space that is listed. An apartment is not confirmed to you until you have paid a security deposit and have received a signed lease from Chinburg Properties.

Thank you for your interest!

For more information about our apartments and availabilities please call our property management office at (603) 605-1662.
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