Commercial Rental Real Estate

Interested in business property rentals? Talk to Chinburg.

Many of Chinburg’s mill developments feature mixed-use space that contains offices, manufacturing and retail commercial rental real estate.

Our commercial rental real estate is appealing to many businesses because it is already integrated into the fabric of communities. Our mill buildings are located in some of New Hampshire’s most beautiful and historic downtown regions, surrounded by lively shops, restaurants, parks and more. With a robust economy and attractive business tax rates, New Hampshire is a great place to open a new business, or a branch or franchise.

We have a wide variety of business property rentals available, ready for a wide range of applications including:

  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Art studio
  • Dance/yoga studio
  • Manufacturing
  • Education

All of our mill buildings have been newly renovated to create modern business property rental units that retain the attractive historic elements such as exposed brick and beams, with all the amenities and resources today’s businesses need. There are many build to suit options. Spaces range from as small as 150 square feet up to 20,000+ square feet. Our commercial rental managers are conscientious and responsive, and address any concerns quickly and effectively.

If you are in the area, or are visiting the NH Seacoast region soon as a possible location for your business, we would love to show you our available business property rentals.

Visit our Commercial Rental Properties page to learn more about available properties.

Built to Fit You

Our plans can be customized with your details, or we can recommend a local architect to create totally original plans. We’re with you from start to finish.