How Chinburg’s Energy Efficient Green Homes Can Save You Money

Written By: Jen Chinburg

Helping Reduce Your Energy Usage: Energy Efficient Green Homes by Chinburg

A recent survey conducted by Chinburg Properties demonstrated that their energy efficient green homes generate significant energy savings when compared to traditionally built homes. To prove this, the survey included data from 57 homeowners living in three different Chinburg developments on the New Hampshire seacoast.

Data used in the Home Performance Project was comprised based on one full year of real-world energy usage gathered from Chinburg-built green homes, each of which was designed to either High Performance or ENERGY STAR specifications. The energy usage of these two types of green homes was then compared to that of a 20-year old home, as well as to that of an average northeast home, as defined by the US Energy Information Administration’s 2009 Residential Energy Consumption Survey.

Upon final analysis, here’s what was found:

  1. Green Homes Outperform Typical Homes in Energy Use

How Chinburg’s Energy Efficient Green Homes Can Save You Money Image 1The chart above involves energy usages in each home being converted into MMBTU (million British Thermal Unites), a standard unit of measurement used to denote the amount of heat energy in fuels. It clearly shows Chinburg homes used significantly less energy than the 20-year-old home and much less than the average Northeast home.

  1. Energy Savings = Monetary Savings

How Chinburg’s Energy Efficient Green Homes Can Save You Money Image 2

Energy savings translate directly to monetary savings, especially when compared to the average Northeast home. The above chart shows that homeowners living in energy efficient green homes built by Chinburg spent $1,300+ less on energy in 2013, when compared to the average home’s energy expenditure.

  1. High Performance Homes Are the Most Efficient at Heating

How Chinburg’s Energy Efficient Green Homes Can Save You Money Image 3

The chart above compares the expected cost to heat each of the sample homes based on fuel type. As you can see, Chinburg homes use less fuel and cost less to operate based on square footage. High Performance green homes utilized half of the energy as that of a 20-year old home, making these eco friendly homes the most efficient at heating.

At Chinburg, our High Performance and ENERGY STAR green homes feature advanced insulation systems that, along with energy efficient building systems, perform much better than the average home. As a result, they can save homeowners significant money—and this recent survey proves it. Ultimately, Chinburg’s green building practices and energy efficient green homes can have a dramatic impact on energy usage and therefore result in higher cost savings for their green homeowners.

About Us: Chinburg has been dedicated to green building since 2002 and is committed to innovative, sustainable and energy efficient building practices. By building a tighter housing envelope, our green homes experience reduced energy consumption demands and therefore lower total ownership costs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you cut energy use and save money.

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