Commercial Fit Up
887 SF
Portsmouth, NH 
Commercial Renovation


The Goal

Transforming a vacant space in the historic Frank Jones Brew Yard at 110 Brewery Lane mill into a fun, elegant restaurant and bar with a unique atmosphere and a full kitchen. The vision was a space that could maximize the number of seats for the small square footage without compromising comfort and functionality.

Our Approach

Faced with the challenge of accommodating residential units above, the Chinburg Team implemented innovative solutions for soundproofing and fire safety. Ventilation was routed through two floors to the roof, while the HVAC system was placed above the kitchen ceiling to maximize floor space. Cork flooring and sound-absorbent panels were strategically installed to address potential noise concerns. This meticulous approach, involving 15 specialized subcontractors, ensured both functionality and comfort for diners and residents alike.


Project Features

  • HVAC system installed above the ceiling of the kitchen
  • Kitchen venting through two floors out to the roof
  • Cork flooring to help absorb sound
  • Sound absorbent panels on the ceiling
  • 15 different subcontractors were hired to handle each unique scope of work
Square Foot Space
Specialized Contractors
Types of Soundproofing
Outdoor Patio

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