Looking for NH Home Builders? Three Things You Should Know When Building in NH

Written By: Jen Chinburg

Looking to build in New Hampshire? We think NH is a great place to live and there are a lot of great NH home builders out there. Building a new home can have its challenges. What is it like trying to get homes built in NH? Is it hard? Well as experienced NH home builders, we know.

#1. The Process Can Be Complicated.

Let’s take this excerpt about building code straight from nhpublaw.org:

The “New Hampshire building code” (or “state building code” or “building code of the state of New Hampshire”) is really comprised of several codes: the International Building Code 2009, the International Plumbing Code 2009, the International Mechanical Code 2009, the International Energy Conservation Code 2009, the International Residential Code 2009, the International Existing Building Code 2009, and the National Electrical Code 2011. These model codes, published by the International Code Council and the National Fire Prevention Association, have been adopted by the state of New Hampshire (RSA 155-A) and are amended by administrative rule (Bcr 300). The “New Hampshire fire code” or “state fire code” means the Life Safety Code 2009 edition and the Uniform Fire Code NFPA 1, 2009 edition as well as other national codes, model codes, or standards referred to within these codes. The Life Safety Code and the Uniform Fire Code are published by the National Fire Protection Association.

See what we mean? For home builders, NH building code compliance can be a tough nut to crack. Those are just the many regulations at the state level. Each town has a high level of autonomy in setting its own additional regulations, which may more stringent than state regulations to preserve property value or historic integrity. There are often limits on building height, color, construction material. Working your way through the approval process can be a long process, and if you don’t have knowledgeable guidance you could be slapped with fees, negative tax implications, or worse. Choosing the right building professionals to help you wade through the process is critical to delivering your home on budget and on time.


#2. The Resources Are Out There

Luckily, New Hampshire being the great place it is, there are a lot of great resources and people out there to help make building a little easier. Planners are the authorities who are responsible for interpreting the regulations. New Hampshire culture is one of accessibility and builders in NH can reach city and town planners on the phone directly. This is a benefit to anyone who would build in this state.

Most regulations can also be found easily online. For those who would like to be informed about relevant regulations, you can usually find what you need. No trips to the state house or the library. You can get a good idea of state law here.


#3. Your Builder Needs To Know Their Stuff

Being a home builder in NH means knowing the ins and outs of state and local laws. The city planners are accessible, but most people need somebody to interpret the language of the codes and regulations. Somebody with experience and a proven track record.

Chinburg Properties has this track record navigating the often complicated world of building in NH. We’ve accrued more than 25 years’ experience in the building and development. We have long-term relationships within the planning andcode enforcement community, and have solved almost any problem you could possibly run into.

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