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As premier builders in New Hampshire and Southern Maine, Chinburg Properties has built hundreds of homes that represent a broad range of lifestyles and budgets. From “just right” sized affordable homes to unique mill properties and historic renovations, Chinburg Properties will guide you through the many choices that transform your dream into reality. Our team includes experienced professionals who can manage all aspects of your project, from design and CAD to helping you select the special details of your home at our in-house Design Center.

Quick Delivery Homes

Nearly Turn-Key Ready
Quick Delivery Homes offer the easiest way to move into a Chinburg home fast, as these homes are nearly completed. Our team of professionals has used their extensive experience to choose a floor plan and selections that are stylish, durable and of excellent quality. You can visit these homes to see how all of the choices look together and feel the built space.
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Quick Start Homes

Some Selections Available
Quick Start Homes are located in carefully planned Chinburg communities. Floor plans and layout have been selected and construction has begun, or is almost ready to begin. Depending on how far along the home is in the construction timeline, customers will still have the opportunity to make some decisions to personalize the home.
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Collaboration Homes

You choose among a curated selection of floor plans that will work within the lots of a Chinburg neighborhood. You will have many decisions to make in order to personalize your home. In most cases, you can make layout changes as well as select upgrades. Your choices will be made from our extensive selections menu in our Design Center. This is a good option if you want to be involved in most aspects of your home design.

The Exciting Process of Building New

As you explore many design options and create a personalized home that’s a true reflection of your tastes and passions, we want to make your experience convenient and enjoyable.

Move In!
Build a Custom Home

Establish Your Needs and Wants
Review your current living situation and determine the reasons why you might want to move and build your new home. Determine your highest priorities and decide how involved you want to be in decision making. Meet with our sales team to learn which option may suit you best and learn about the current inventory of Chinburg lots and homes that are in progress.

Choose Your Community
Once you have had the option to tour various communities, review different homes that are already in progress and consider your options, the next step will be to sign a contract with us for your new home build. We are available to answer any questions that you have.

Residential Building NH

Depending on which option you have selected, you will have either very few or many design decisions to make. Either way, our professionals will support you as you make your way through any action items. At this point, this could be a fully extensive design process or it could be as simple as choosing a few finishing touches to tweak an existing home to meet your tastes.

Many customers are so pleased with an in-progress home with staged furniture that they ask if they can purchase the model furniture — making this a truly “turn-key” experience. Regardless of how involved this step is for you based on your comfort and timeline, we will provide support and knowledgeable advice.

5 Tips to Estimate the Cost of Building a New House

If your home is already in progress, then you will see the building process underway or even completed from the very beginning of your buying journey. In the semi-custom circumstance, you will be given a timeline for completion. Once all of your selections have been made, we can provide you with a firmer date. Our sales manager will be in touch regularly through the building process to give you updates and make sure everything is going smoothly for you.

Residential Build

Congratulations! Your project is finished, your walkthrough is complete and your closing has happened. Now you get to settle in and enjoy all of the fruits of your journey. If there are any details that need to wait for later completion (such as a winter move in when landscaping will happen in the spring), we will provide you with a schedule as to when we will return to complete that work.

We have a warranty manager to address any questions that arise after you have occupied your new house. Welcome to your new home!

Featured Floor Plans

Building a quality new home in New Hampshire and Southern Maine.

Discover the Chinburg difference as we tell the story of how our commitment to top-quality home building helps people turn dreams of homeownership into reality. You will explore featured floor plans for inspiration and to help inform what type of house you would like to build. Each community has a carefully curated family of plans selected from our own library as well as from our trusted business partner, ArtForm Architecture.

New Homes New Hampshire

Chinburg Design Center

Our Design Center is conveniently located at our corporate office in the Mills in downtown Newmarket, NH

Our selections team has developed an easy and supportive process to help you choose all of the outstanding items to complete your home. The Design Center is consistently updated with new products, materials and colors in both trendy and classic styles, so you can combine your options to create a look that represents your unique tastes. Take a Virtual Tour of the Design Center.

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Chinburg Design Center

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