How to Find a Photography Studio for Rent and Make It Your Own

Written By: Jen Chinburg

Our dedicated Chinburg team can help you find the right space—no matter if you’re looking for a 150-square foot or 2,000-square-foot photography studio for rent.

So you’ve reached the point in your photography career where you’re ready for your very own photo studio. You’ve saved up some money and are beginning to actively search for and look at potential photography studios for rent. Now all that is left is to pull the trigger on that photography studio rental and begin to make it your own.

But wait! Slow down a second. While this can undoubtedly be an exciting time, remember that finding that perfect photo studio space is not as simple as one would think. Sure, you need a space that has four walls and electricity, but there’s so much more.

Take a minute to consider some of the following ‘other’ attributes a photography studio should boast:

Good Lighting

Sure, there are ways of manipulating light, especially if you already own professional lighting equipment. But there’s something to be said for having some natural light flowing through a window or two. Mill properties appeal to many photographers and other artists because of the oversized windows. You may choose to demise a space in order to create both “dark” and “light” rooms, depending on the subject. A family portrait calls for very different lighting than a photo shoot of a product.

Good Location

Because you want your customers to find you easily, the location of your photography studio rental can often be critical. Also, you will likely hope for some decent foot traffic, so think twice before you rent a space with an entrance down a back alley. Working within an environment of other artists can be a great source of collaboration. Other businesses within your “neighborhood” lead to great networking and referral opportunities and ultimately more customers.

Good Price

As a photographer, whether you’re the starving artist type or not, coming to terms with the cost of photography studio rentals can be a tad bit scary. This is an important investment into your success, and a great way to make your photography business more professional. If you are not ready for this type of financial commitment, consider partnering with another photographer who can help share the costs.

And Don’t Forget, Good Equipment

Once you’ve secured a location, picture yourself actually standing inside your newly rented photography studio. It’s a blank canvas, but not for long. In order to further build your professional photo studio, consider the many pieces of equipment you will need to properly set it up. Other than the camera itself, some of the most important pieces of equipment you need include:

  • A backdrop holder you can put on the wall that takes up minimal space.
  • A good set of lighting – such as standard key light, fill lights, rim light, and kicker light.
  • A variety of staging, props or platforms can be used to stand, sit, lean, or place things on.

Ultimately the set up of your photo studio depends upon your style preference. Once you get the setup out of the way, decorating your new photo studio can be a lot of fun and is an extension of your business brand. Quirky, lighthearted, or more serious; your photography studio is a reflection of you and your business. Luckily there are MANY creative ways to make it your own.

At Chinburg Properties, we offer a variety of commercial rental properties. We offer commercial space for rent, including Class A and B commercial spaces, in unique working mill environments across the Seacoast. Our dedicated team can help you find the right space—no matter if you’re looking for a 150-square foot or 2,000-square-foot photography studio for rent.

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